Is It OK To Miss Lunch?

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It is more difficult to achieve your daily nutrient requirements if you skip a meal. No matter how hectic your day is, taking regular breaks to eat lunch will keep you well-fed.

Sometimes skipping lunch is fine. Bruning said if it becomes a habit, your body adjusts to a "reduced fuel intake," which is unhealthy.

This could lead to a slower metabolism and an increased risk of vitamin shortages over time. It may increase appetite and cause you to consume extra calories in the evening.

Eating too much later, can also raise blood sugar and insulin levels. This can cause high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Not consuming sufficient calories during the day might cause your energy levels to decline, which can negatively impact your mood, productivity, and focus.

According to research, dieting can increase irritability and agitation, decrease motivation, and contribute to anxiety and melancholy.

Fiber-rich carbs like beans, lean protein, and a lot of fruits and veggies make for the perfect lunch. These foods help you feel fuller for longer and avoid midday slumps.

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