Is Lavender Harmful To Dogs?

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You may be wondering if the calming aroma of lavender would help your dog, as it always helps you when you're anxious. But is lavender safe for dogs?

Even though lavender has a substance in it that is poisonous to dogs, it's usually safe for your dog to be around it because it would take a lot of exposure to hurt your dog.

Lavender does have linalool, which is a poisonous chemical, but there is so little of it in the plant that it is safe for dogs to be around.

In fact, if your dog suffers from anxiety, lavender can help reduce some of its symptoms in modest doses.

A 2006 study found that when an ambient lavender aroma was present, dogs spent more time sitting and relaxing in the car rather than moving and barking.

As long as it's utilized appropriately, lavender oil may be safe for dogs. Essential oils of lavender, if used undiluted, can be dangerous.

Lavender oil can be too strong for your dog, so try a candle or incense instead. Keep any burning goods away from your dog.

If you insist on using lavender oil on your dog, seek professional advice first to ensure you're doing so safely.

Lavender can relax certain dogs, but it can be hazardous if not used properly. It's crucial to introduce it safely with your vet's approval.

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