Is Your Zodiac, One of Most Flirty?

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6) Libra

Libras are social, affable, and can flirt subtly. They grin a lot, play with their clothes or hair, and are the first to comment on their flirtation's social media.

Libras know how to make you laugh and how to make you feel special because of their ability to pay attention and remember your preferences.

5) Sagittarius

It's no secret that Sagittarians enjoy meeting new people, exploring new locales, and taking in the culture, so it's no surprise that they're big flirts. 

Sagittarius might move rapidly, but courting takes time. They often cook, produce art, or do kind things for others.

4) Aries 

Aries are tremendous flirts; they are vivacious, fun, and adventurous. They are so popular in any social group because everyone wants to hang out with them

Aries are passionate and sexual, thus they pursue their targets. They're confident, bold, and don't mind initiating.

3) Gemini

Social, humorous Geminis know what to say. They flirt often without realizing it. Their passion in individuals is contagious. 

Gemini compliments sincerely because they discover something good in everyone. This zodiac sign makes you feel like the most popular student.

2) Scorpio 

Scorpios are gorgeous, sexual, and secretive. They reveal just enough to make you curious. They're strong, intense, and flirt well. 

Scorpios are insightful and know how to attract and maintain people's attention. Scorpio will flirt by getting close to you, but not too close.

1) Leo 

Flirting comes naturally to Leos. With their natural charisma, charisma, and likeability, they don't need anything more.

Leos are nice, but they may step it up with lengthy eye contact, teasing, and praises. Leos are confident, and there's something beautiful and compelling about confidence.

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