Is Your Zodiac Sign Most Unique?

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6) Gemini

Mercury, the planet of communication and change, rules Gemini. They're adaptive and versatile, so they can "think on their feet and change swiftly." 

Because of their erratic and chatty nature, Geminis are also known as the zodiac's quirky social butterflies.

5) Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius, you'll always see the silver lining. It is their persistent positivity and "enjoy life to the fullest" mentality that sets them apart from the rest. 

They thrive in environments with diversity and new perspectives. This fire sign's cheerful perspective is likely to rub off on people around them.

4) Capricorn

Saturn, the responsible and diligent planet, rules Capricorn. These earth signs are disciplined, patient, and ambitious.

Capricorns are energetic and willing to work hard to get their goals. These people are unlike any other sign.

3) Aries

Those born under the Aries zodiac sign exist to be unique. You will never encounter an Aries who "feels like a carbon duplicate of someone else."

Because of their distinctiveness, Aries are able to command attention in a crowd, and they'll be the trailblazers for others to follow.

2) Leo

Leos, ruled by the sun, are governed by life and vitality, and exude a unique confidence. They are artistic and enjoy cultivating artistically inspired partnerships.

 Often, others will see these qualities before the individual does, but once they reach this stage of acceptance, they will be an unstoppable force of self-expression.

1) Aquarius

Taking the top rank, this air sign has no trouble deviating from the usual or deviating from the accepted path of thought.

As a whole, they're a lot of fun to be around, and their energy is unrivaled. Having them in your life will make you a better person.

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