Is Your Zodiac Sign One Of The Least Generous?

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6) Gemini

Geminis adore telling stories and giving advise, but it's generally self-centered. They love to entertain, yet they rarely buy extravagant gifts or meals.

If they get nothing in return, they may not see the sense in being generous. Geminis can be less selfish if they appreciate friendships and others.

5) Aquarius

Aquarians are miserly since they don't value gift-giving. They won't recall your anniversary or buy diamonds. 

But this sign loves to help others and often gives money to causes they care about. But sometimes this is because Aquarians are easy to take advantage of.

4) Capricorn

Capricorns are driven to succeed, even if it means forgoing supper or drinks with friends. They save as much as possible to look serious

Even with those closest to them, if their emotional sphere is underdeveloped, they may be greedy.

3) Aries

This fire sign is stubborn. They like their money visible and don't indulge others. They'll choose the restaurant, but probably won't pay.

However, if they take someone under their wing to demonstrate to them who is in charge, they may be benevolent in nature.

2) Taurus

As long as they're not purchasing something foolish, Taureans are all about material possessions. This persistent sign often refuses to make a transaction if they believe it to be illogical. 

They appreciate the splendor of life, expensive items, and expensive clothing." Therefore, they will occasionally indulge in life's finest pleasures.

1) Scorpio

Avoid discussing Scorpios' finances. This sign doesn't want people to know how much they make or have, therefore they rarely consume. 

Scorpios are either overspenders or stingy with strangers. Scorpios must acquire equilibrium and avoid focusing too much on money.

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