Is Your Zodiac Sign One of The Unluckiest?

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5) Aquarius

Aquarius, is able to adapt to change. These circumstances excite them the most, to the extent that they actively seek them out. So, what is the issue?

They do not remain in one place long enough to seize chances as they arise. If they want to be more fortunate, they must be around longer.

4) Cancer

Cancer is a sign that perceives evil everywhere and has difficulty leaving its safe zone. These are at least two reasons why they are considered an unfortunate sign.

Change is often avoided by Cancers in order to avoid disappointment. They are so negative that they will never take opportunities and would always let them pass them by.

3) Capricorn

Rather than relying on luck, Capricorns place a high value on hard work. So, certainly, people can generate their own luck on occasion, but this is a rare occurrence.

To put it another way, they are homebodies who don't get out often. How could they possibly take advantage of any opportunity?

2) Scorpio

It's incredible how a sign can be so frequently unlucky. Clearly, Scorpio's life is chaotic, but this fits them. This sign is not particularly fortunate, but it will never surrender. 

This is due to the fact that it enables children to develop character, pick themselves up, and become stronger with each passing day.

1) Virgo

Virgos prevent any prospect of riches because they meticulously arrange every detail and are paralyzed by dread of the smallest change. 

Virgo has a bad luck streak when it comes to being in charge. These locals may be able to take advantage of opportunities that have a positive bounce by letting go a little.

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