Melt That 'Visceral Fat' With These 5 Tips!

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1) Eat More Fiber

A study published in Obesity found that soluble fiber intake from vegetables, legumes, and fruit can aid in the reduction of abdominal fat.

Visceral or belly fat can be reduced by eating more soluble fiber and working out more, but we still don't know how it works.

2) Exercise

Studies show that exercise is a much better way to lose fat around the middle than medicine. Visceral fat can affect specific organs or the whole body. 

If you only look at weight or BMI, you might not realize how much better your health will be if you lose weight. Exercise can truly melt visceral fat.

3) Mindfulness

People who practice "dispositional mindfulness," or paying close attention to one's current thoughts and feelings, are less likely to have belly fat or be overweight.

This is everyday mindfulness," says one observer, "and the vast majority of these people are not meditating."

4) Healthy Weight Loss

No magic recipe exists. You must shed pounds. Consistent attention to a balanced diet and suitable portion sizes, in addition to regular physical activity, is required.

The most effective method for decreasing abdominal fat through physical activity is a combination of strength and cardiovascular fitness regimens.

5) Focus on healthy sleep schedule

Quality and sufficient amounts of sleep are vital for shedding belly fat rapidly. Insufficient sleep appears to transfer fat to the more hazardous visceral compartment. 

Even in young, healthy, and relatively thin participants, delayed sleep is associated with an increase in calorie intake, a slight increase in weight, and a large increase in abdominal fat storage.

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