Men's Bad Dating Habits That Women Dislike!

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1) Giving Childish Nicknames

First, it was cool to give girls colorful nicknames in your phonebook. It's understandable at 20. 

Everyone over the age of 30 isn't a group that was raised on Candy Crush or selfies. So, by the time you're 30, it's simply not acceptable to use slang phone names.

2) Just communicating through text

Text-only guys were considered once lethargic or juggling numerous women. Even the good folks are slipping lately. 

You're missing out on strengthening your relationship by not calling to say hello or suggesting a Skype date.

3) Too much use of word 'crazy'

Our culture labels female behavior as "crazy" for petty reasons too often. Because women hate the charge, utilizing it ends any argument.

Making her doubt her own judgment is cheap and emotionally hurtful. This men's traits are disliked by the women they date.

4) Correcting her constantly

Yes, she may have misconjugated a verb or used a pop culture reference while telling you a story, but that doesn't make you the punctuation police.

Persistent or public correction causes her to withdraw and creates a "eggshells" environment. Be careful! That guy is hated by everyone.

5) Being a perfectionist

Overt perfectionists, it has been shown, are more likely to be defensive, critical of their partner, to hide their mistakes, and to be afraid of showing their weaknesses.

 When you impose your own expectations on another person, you create an attainable standard that she will ultimately fail to meet.

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