Ranking Zodiac Signs Most to Least Likely to Divorce

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Aquarius are the least likely sign to get married. They dissolve ties because they seek freedom. They may leave quickly if a scenario prohibits them from being themselves.


Traditional long-term partnerships are not appealing to Sagittarius, in part because of their need to be flexible and open to new ideas.


When dealing with issues, Pisces can be too emotional and sensitive. As a result, they are more inclined to lean on their inclination to flee and abandon the relationship.


Geminis are gregarious and quick-witted. They crave stimulation and flexibility, which might be an issue if they're bored.


You need someone who won't hold you back, so if you no longer feel the passion, you may go out and find something else.


A Leo's tendency is to flee when things become too serious, darken their light, or no longer provide them joy.


After finding a partner worth fighting for, these two aren't going to give them up so lightly. They may have to split ways if their worldview shifts.


There is no turning back for an assertive and resolute Scorpio once they have been misled. They won't even give it a second thought before walking away.


Virgos will use their partnership to promote personal development and emotional healing. This makes them more willing to work together to make things work.


Before leaving a partnership, Capricorns will do whatever is required. They think that lasting partnerships involve mutual esteem and integrity.


Cancers have a reputation for being loyal and empathetic. They are willing to put others' wants ahead of their own in order to make a relationship work.


Libras are symbolized by the scale and are associated with balance, harmony, and collaboration. They despise being alone, so they usually thrive in relationships.

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