Ranking Zodiac Signs on Most to Least Psychic!

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1) Pisces 

Most Pisces have no idea how psychic they really are. They think everyone has their intuition, but they don't. Thankfully, they trust their intuition.

2) Cancer 

Cancer can sense when someone is distressed, even if they appear calm. Cancer can feel if a business arrangement is awry or if someone isn't being truthful.

3) Libra 

Even if many Libras deny possessing psychic abilities, this doesn't mean they don't exist. A Libran is prone to experiences of déjà vu, reincarnation, and precognition.

4) Scorpio 

They know what you're thinking and what you're hiding. Ironically, they're secretive and mysterious.

5) Gemini 

Geminis may bilocate, or be in two places at once. Few people can physically be in two places at once, where people say they saw you elsewhere.

6) Aries 

Aries are psychic trend-whisperers. It takes a gift, knack, or psychic ability to predict a band, show, or performer's success.

7) Virgo 

Virgos have psychic big-picture vision. They may imagine a house on a vacant lot and how a neighbor will fare. They can foresee possibilities and risks.

8) Leo 

It's been said that Leos have impeccable timing. They can just decide what time of day they wish to wake up and do it without the use of an alarm clock.

9) Taurus 

Taurus is grounded but can detect people and put boundaries. They won't overshare or overstep, and they know when to joke.

10) Sagittarius 

Sagittarians aren't psychic and are often surprised, which is good and bad. They're not cynical, so they enjoy simple things, but they're blindsided when anything goes wrong.

11) Capricorn 

Even if they have a gut feeling about a business opportunity, they won't take a chance on it if it doesn't make rational sense to them.

12) Aquarius 

Aquarius is intuitive in terms of creation and originality. Not so much for reading others' emotions or tapping into the spirit world.

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