Surprising Facts About Alcohol, You Must Know!

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1) One drink takes one hour

One standard-sized drink takes an hour to process. Imagine what binge-drinking does to your body in that time.

2) It triggers dopamine

Alcohol triggers the release of dopamine, a pleasure-related neurotransmitter. That's why drinking makes people happy.

3) Binge-Drinking is Bad

Women binge drink after four drinks in two hours. Men can have 5+ drinks in 2 hours. Anxiety and breast cancer risk are effects.

4) Bad for brain cells

Two cans a night can cause memory loss and brain atrophy. It is a depressant because it slows brain activity.

5) Prevents colds

It's been shown that drinking white or red wine in moderation will lessen your chance of getting a cold.

6) Helpful in sore throat

When you have a sore throat in the future, don't reach for the lozenge! If you'd like, try gargling some whiskey instead.

7) Muscles absorb alcohol

Alcohol is more quickly absorbed by muscles than fat. To put it another way, persons with more muscle mass and less fat have a better tolerance for alcohol.

8) It results in problem solving

Those with 0.075 percent blood alcohol concentration were better and faster at solving difficulties like crosswords. Grab a beer next time!

9) It can result in diarrhea

A night of drinking will certainly cause diarrhea and extra urination. Alcohol prevents the large intestine from absorbing water, causing watery stool.

10) It will result in withdrawal symptoms

Twitching, anxiety, cold sweats, and sleeplessness are symptoms. Reduce alcohol moderately to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

11) Different effects on men & women

Men are more likely than women to use alcohol, but long-term drinking is more likely to have negative health consequences for women.

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