The 11 Signs of Being A Cheapskate

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1) You steal actual dishes

If you're folding silverware into a takeout container or taking a chance by putting filthy plates in your purse, you've probably gone too far.

2) You don't turn on the AC

We need to have a talk if you'd prefer sweat than switch on the air conditioning. Get yourself a decent fan as a bare minimum.

3) You wear torn out clothes

Go buy new jeans to replace the ones you've been mending and patching for the past eight years. It is now time. Seven years ago was the time.

4) You return clothing you’ve worn

There are economical clothing rental services, but your local boutique does not provide them.

5) You don't use single-use things

Please purchase actual silverware and dishcloths if you frequently find yourself washing throwaway cutlery or rinsing soiled paper towels in order to reuse them.

6) You eat a lot at buffets

Buffets might be costly, but if you get your money's worth by overeating to the point of nausea, you're likely overindulging.

7) You DIY literally everything

What are you saving if you make your own cleaning solution but spend $15 on supplies when it would only cost $2 to buy one already made?

8) You’re a notorious regifter

Reusing gifts might be risky. If you're caught, it'll be embarrassing and you may damage someone's emotions.

9) You refuse medical care

Health care is not inexpensive. However, applying a bandage to a wound that requires stitches is neither a prudent nor safe way to save money.

10) You make a fuss to get free stuff

Few dollars aren't worth tantrums or risking someone's career. Customer service agents will go far to reward kindness and patience.

11) You don’t tip

Refusing to pay the standard 15%-20% tip to guarantee your server is paid is stingy, regardless of your feelings on the subject of tipping culture.

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