The 6 Most Neat Freak Zodiac Signs!

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6) Aquarius

Aquarius may not seem organized, but this creative sign has a plan. They keep their workspace clean while juggling multiple projects. 

They can tinker with new inventions without clutter and mess. It may look messy, but they know where everything is.

5) Leo

This sign's natives will focus their cleaning efforts on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their environment. Leo is a sign concerned with appearances.

With a sun-worshipping culture, people prefer open shelving and display units over closed cabinets and wardrobes.

As the sign is dominated by Venus, the planet of beauty, cleanliness and order are of the utmost significance to this zodiac sign. 

4) Libra

Creases, punctures, dust, and smears are inelegant to them, therefore they're eager to make things appear great.

3) Capricorn

This diligent sign may put in extra hours in the workplace, but that does not mean they allow their houses to fall into chaos.

As in business, they can't allow anarchy rule at home. These rams are organized and keep their houses neat.

2) Taurus

As a sign of the Earth, Taurus places a great deal of importance on the environment. They prefer to know that they will not get infections.

They are also ruled by Venus, which makes them very refined and organized, thus they enjoy experimenting with various methods of organization.

1) Virgo

Cleanliness and organization are two of Virgo's main personality attributes, so it's no surprise they're the neatest zodiac sign.

Keeping up with household errands and paperwork is a no-brainer for them, so they never forget to pay bills or complete forms.

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