The 6 Most Scattered Zodiac Signs!

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6) Libra

This welcoming sign may not feel dispersed, but others may think so. Libra needs balance for happiness. 

Libras often run out of time estimating their fair amount of tasks. Expect group projects and birthdays to be late. Nearly on time, they overanalyzed the problem.

5) Cancer

Cancer is loving and sympathetic, putting others' needs first. This causes scheduling conflicts. 

Cancerians will abandon cleaning or paperwork if a pal calls after a breakup or needs help moving.

4) Aquarius

Aquarius is creative. Creativity may be chaotic. They're good at focusing, so they're nice and tidy when working, but on what? 

They have sudden ideas. Unable to pick, they enroll in all classes, buy all fabric designs, and attend all gallery openings.

3) Aries

Fiery and energetic, they leap from project to project and only do fascinating work. Later when? Nonexistent. Never later. 

This sign will party-hop, work many side jobs, and say "yes" to anything. They're often late, distracted, and unable to focus on anything.

2) Sagittarius

Your Sagittarius friend is impulsive, likely. They're continually buying flights, planning trips, and arranging dinner reservations. They skip specifics, though.

Sagittarians love to have adventure ideas rather than plan them. Sagittarians shouldn't skip the fine print and focus on the fun ahead.

1) Gemini

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, uses its communication desires to eschew structure and have fun conversing. They have many social obligations yet are often disorganized.

They'll be late and frazzled since they got lost on the train while meeting new friends and didn't make it to their destination.

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