The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body!

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Both the short-term and long-term effects of sleep deprivation on an individual's overall health are devastating. Let's learn more about them.

First, not getting enough sleep can make it harder for your brain to remember things. Without sleep, the brain's memory inbox shuts down, and you can't remember new things.

Lack of sleep can also increase the accumulation of beta amyloid, a toxin associated with Alzheimer's disease, in the brain.

During deep sleep, the brain's sewage system begins to flush out beta amyloid, a harmful protein. If you don't get enough sleep, Alzheimer's-related protein builds up.

Losing sleep weakens the immune system, as many know. Four to five hours of sleep reduces anti-cancer natural killer cells by 70%.

For people who don't get enough shuteye, their cardiovascular system can be negatively affected, as lack of sleep can raise blood pressure.

Getting less than six hours of sleep a night raises your risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack by 200 percent throughout the course of your life.

Also, the World Health Organization officially called some types of late shift work "a probable carcinogen" in 2007 because it can mess up your body's natural clock.

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