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The Essential Do's & Don't of Using Sunscreen!

Do- Know about SPF

SPF is an acronym for "sun protection factor." Most experts think that SPF 30 provides appropriate sun protection. Higher SPF sunscreens aren't any better.

Do- Check expiration before using

Sunscreen loses effectiveness over time, and an expired container might cause a sunburn.

Do-Use non-comedogenic sunscreens for face

Non-comedogenic sunscreens are helpful for persons with acne or sensitive skin because they don't clog pores.

Do-Use sunglasses & other barriers too

UV-protective clothes and swimwear, as well as long sleeves and sunglasses, can help keep your eyes and skin safe from the sun's rays.

Do-But ocean-safe sunscreen at beaches

Make sure your sunscreen is "reef safe" if you plan to swim in the ocean while on vacation to prevent contributing to future coral reef destruction.

Do-Give sunscreen to absorb in body

It's hard not to want to jump right into the pool or start hiking. However, allow yourself a few minutes to dry off before getting started.

Don'ts-Don't skimp when applying

It's critical to use enough sunscreen to completely cover your skin, even if it seems gummy. Use more than you think you need.

Don'ts-Don't Forget your hands

Sun damage to the hands is easy to overlook when applying sunscreen. Consider a moisturizer with SPF for sun protection.

Don'ts-Don't forget to reapply frequently

It is vital to reapply sunscreen every two hours if you are swimming or engaging in physical activity.

Don'ts- Don't forget to rub properly

To ensure that a spray sunscreen actually absorbs into your skin, be sure to rub it in well after application.

Don'ts- Don't buy high SPF sunscreens

Many experts believe that creams with an excessively high SPF are actually less effective and can reduce the sun's benefits, such as vitamin D generation.

Don'ts- Don't wait until you're in the sun

Plan to apply sunscreen around 30 minutes prior to going outside so that it has time to absorb and be effective.

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