The Most to Least Lucky Zodiac Signs!

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1) Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is default first. Jupiter, its ruling planet, is connected with luck, generosity, and abundance. Sagittarius' life is full with great events and adventures.

2) Capricorn 

Capricorn is driven to succeed no matter how long it takes, so "fortunate accidents" may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Lucky you!

3) Leo 

The secret to attracting good fortune into your life is to have a strong sense of self-belief. As a result, Leo attracts a lot of positive energy from the people around him.

4) Taurus 

Taurus loves money, beauty, and comfort. Their sense of worth and need for security make them savvy investors, and not just with money.

5) Pisces 

Pisces' greatest strength is emotional empathy. Knowing what others need and being fast to help earns them useful social and professional ties.

6) Libra 

Libra values fairness and balance over luck. Libra will start hunting for bad luck if they had good luck for too long.

7) Aquarius 

Aquarius is smart, but eccentric and surrounded by turbulence and change. Sometimes these shifts produce lucky surprises. They usually make a mess.

8) Aries 

Aries is determined to get their way despite bad luck. This helps them since they push through obstacles. This strategy makes many adversaries.

9) Gemini 

Gemini is one of the most gregarious signs and a terrific team player. Gemini's biggest concern is being alone; they don't last long. They need feedback and validation.

10) Virgo 

Virgo isn't lucky. Virgo trusts lists, databases, and studies, and they look for trends. You can't replicate good luck in the lab.

11) Cancer 

Cancer's attitude isn't helping its luck. This sign is protective, passive-aggressive, and resentful. Cancers are reserved and defensive.

12) Scorpio 

In Scorpio, Pluto is the lord of the zodiac. Scorpio is the final planet on this list since it is associated with catastrophe and harsh life lessons.

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