The Perfect Lipstick Color for Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Velvet Red Lipstick

If you want the world to know you're serious before you open your mouth, you need a dark velvet red lipstick.

Taurus: Blush Pink Lipstick

You might be shocked to learn that pink is your zodiac power color when it comes to choosing a lipstick hue that represents your personality.

Gemini: Sheer Lip Gloss

For a more casual look, a sheer lipgloss is a great choice, but it may also be used to enhance a brighter lipstick hue if you're looking for a little extra oomph.

Cancer: Matte Mocha Lipstick

Cancer is recognized for having a gentle interior but a hard exterior. As you, a rich mocha-colored matte lipstick is profound, surprisingly alluring, and silky smooth.

Leo: Shiny Glitter Lipstick

Leos are known for their fiery and dramatic tendencies, so this glittering, vivid lipstick will let them establish their territory wherever they prowl.

Virgo: Long-Wear Peach Lip Stain

You are also incredibly organized and careful, so your perfect makeup would be a long-lasting peach lip stain that you don't have to think about during your busy day.

Libra: Bold Gold Lipstick

You are constantly seeking to indulge in beauty goods and are not afraid to explore. Therefore, why not be a trailblazer by wearing regal gold lipstick?

Scorpio: Deep Berry Lipstick

Deep cherry red lipstick will represent your power and ferocity as a Scorpio. This deep berry red colour makes everyone want to pucker up.

Sagittarius: Tinted Lip Balm

You require a lip color that can be transported easily and serves numerous purposes. A tinted lip balm is the ideal hydrating solution.

Capricorn: Matte Taupe Lipstick

If you're trying to expand your cosmetic collection, a matte taupe lipstick is the ideal combination of bold and attractive.

Aquarius: Jet Black Lipstick

Why not dust up your favorite black lipstick from your teenage years and modernize it with a colored lip liner or ombre effect?

Pisces: Barbie Pink Lipstick

There is no better lipstick color than a baby pink to convey sentimental, melancholy feelings.

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