These Are The Most Bitter Zodiac Signs!

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6) Virgo

Virgos have high expectations for themselves, as well as the people in their lives they care about. They can also become glum if those around them let them down.

Some of the time they're not intentionally trying to upset you. I don't understand why they can't stop critiquing you because they don't like the way you do things.

5) Gemini

This malleable air sign might look resentful if not understood. Geminis don't complain when they talk about others. 

They adore telling outrageous tales. Insensitive gossip might make a Gemini appear to have bitter-cold hearts, but it's how they connect with others.

4) Cancer

If you try to persuade this stubborn sign to change their mind, they will become angry and irritated. This water sign is "emotional and moody." 

A cancerous attitude makes people bitter because they are "champions of emotional blackmail and passive hostile behavior."

3) Taurus

If someone attempts to persuade this stubborn sign to change their views, they'll feel furious and aggrieved. They'll passively assault those who wronged them.

Taureans "never forget what sparked their feelings, especially unpleasant ones, no matter what," making them seem like bullies who never let go.

2) Capricorn

Capricorns are "serious, businesslike, and dominating," which, when things doesn't go their way, can lead to bitterness. 

Capricorns are constantly seeking success and advancement, but they may "repress their emotions and keep their feelings under control, creating the impression of being chilly."

1) Scorpio

This seductive, alluring sign will entice you to approach, but once you get close, you'll understand how cruel they can be.

Scorpios are "capable of harboring bitterness for a lifetime and never letting it go," placing them at the top of this list.

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