These Zodiac Signs are Most Pessimistic!

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6) Taurus

When presented with an impediment or someone who disagrees, they may feel overpowering pessimism.

Taureans are "moody and headstrong, which makes them depressed." It's hard to convince them that things aren't that bad because they're so stubborn.

5) Virgo

Because they are always expecting the worse, these analytical earth signs do not know how to see the sunny side of things.

People born under this sign are naturally anxious perfectionists. Virgo is "Never quite content with anything... always seeking growth and refinement.

4) Capricorn

Capricorns are serious, so they don't seem hopeful. They're so focused on work that they neglect their personal lives, causing melancholy.

Saturn rules Capricorn "A industrious, career-climbing, mature sign. When their well-planned ambitions fail, they become disheartened.

3) Libra

This highly sensitive sign continually worries something will go wrong and prepares for the worst.

Libras worry what others think, which doesn't help. When people ignore them, they think the world has ended. This means they're often distrustful.

2) Cancer

This water sign mood-swings and overthinks. Cancers are optimistic yet quickly become depressed. 

They think everyone is after them, even if it's not true. They don't recognize this makes them overinterpret situations.

1) Scorpio

Mysterious Scorpios conceal secrets, therefore they are constantly on the lookout for others who lie as easily as they do. 

Because of their intuitive nature, they grasp the dark side. Scorpios' intuition makes them good judges, but being so skeptical is "not the healthiest way to live."

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