These Zodiac Signs Love To Do Snooping!

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6) Capricorn

Capricorns collect information from others because it may be useful later. Don't be surprised if they use your new data in their next presentation.

This quality can become sour in some circumstances. They might use this information to blackmail others in the future if they're Capricorns at their worst

5) Leo

Those in power in the jungle are constantly on the lookout for new information that will affirm their status as the most important player. 

Leos can use their knowledge of other people's affairs to their advantage and stay on top of their game. 

4) Libra

The sign of Libra is associated with partnerships, and as a result, Librans are adept in integrating with others and extracting information from them.

Libras are "the savviest" spying signs since they're nice and truthful. Other trusting signs may reveal too much to a Libra.

3) Pisces

When they're inquisitive, they're probably intruding where they don't belong, but they don't recognize it. 

You shouldn't feel unpleasant in most circumstances. Pisces asks probing questions to get to know you.

2) Virgo

Virgos collect information with hopes of using it later. As Mercury's sign, they're "the most strategic" of the probing signs.

Virgos are nosy when others are discussing a topic that affects them. "If involved, they'll investigate everything.

1) Gemini

Geminis love to gossip, so they're always gathering information. This sign tells outrageous stories, whether about itself or friends. 

Geminis "can make even the fiercest questioning feel light-hearted" because to their "smooth conversational tone and ability to guide talks"

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