Unluckiest Month of Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries: September

When you're in your element, nothing can stop you, but come September, the sluggish and methodical energy of Virgo season always seems to bring your plans to a grinding halt.

Taurus: August

August's free-wheeling energy may be too much for you if you prefer a more relaxed pace of life. It's easy to become overwhelmed or rushed at this time.

Gemini: March

March's emotional energy can leave you feeling depressed and burdened down, so keep your social calendar simple.

Cancer: October

Libra season is difficult for you because of the emphasis on balance and redirecting priorities. You detest being governed as a Moon sign.

Leo: January

January's concentration on structure, rituals, and work can dampen your free-spirited attitude. As a fire sign, you find Capricorn season's pragmatism disappointing.

Virgo: December

Maybe you're always stuck arranging details, or the nonstop action wears you out. In December, you may feel overloaded and underappreciated.

Libra: November

Scorpio season is depressing. This season is more emotional than usual, which can throw you off. November weighs you down as someone who loves to glide above the fray.

Scorpio: February

Aquarius is a rebellious air sign ruled by renegade Uranus. You adore February's romanticism, but you find its unexpected energy exhausting.

Sagittarius: May

Taurus season can be depressing. Taurus needs patience and realism, which you lack. You tend to hide under the blankets in May.

Capricorn: April

You're unstoppable until Aries season. Although Aries season may push you to work more, April's nonstop pace can leave you exhausted.

Aquarius: July

Cancer season's dark and emotional feelings can make you feel down. July's social calendar might leave you fatigued and overwhelmed if you're not careful.

Pisces: June

During this month, you may lose clarity and want to leave. Use June to reflect on your goals and chart a new course.

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