What clothes should you wear on a plane?

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1) Stretchy pants

On an airplane, space is already limited, so you should avoid adding anything that would make you feel even more cramped. This is not the occasion to wear tight jeans.

2) Breathable tops

Look for fashionable tops made from breathable natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, wool, or linen, when deciding what to wear on an aircraft.

3) Compression socks

Prolonged sitting might limit blood flow and enlarge legs. Compression socks help prevent leg and foot discomfort and deep-vein thrombosis.

4) Cardigans

Layering is the key to a comfortable and stylish outfit on a plane. When packing for a flight, a light cardigan is a safe bet because you never know if you'll get hot or cold.

5) Long, stretchy dresses

You do not need to switch from dresses to slacks simply because you are flying. The greatest will keep you protected and comfortable.

6) Comfy shoes

Flight attendants agree that flats are the ideal shoes to wear on a plane, although  block heels are the most stable if you must wear heels.

7) Wraps or shawls

A cashmere or wool shawl adds elegance to your ensemble and doubles as a blanket, pillow, or extra layer on the plane without taking up too much space in your carry-on.

8) Loose loungewear

Choose comfortable clothes that can be worn anywhere, like loungewear. You can wear harem pants or a good pair of modal cotton sweats.

9) Slippers

A pair of slippers that are easy to carry, especially with a rubber sole, would suffice and will also be useful in a hotel room.

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