What Does It mean If Your Sneeze Is Green?

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Snot, or mucus, is nasty, yet it's important. Mucus lubricates your organs and traps bacteria and other particles. It contains anti-infection antibodies 

However, occasionally you may experience runny nose or coughing up mucus. Colds, the flu, respiratory infections, and allergies are the most common causes.

You may have even observed that your mucus has various hues, including yellow, tea, and even green. So what does green snot signify exactly?

A frequent misconception is that green mucus indicates an infection, and that bacteria cause the snot to turn green.

Nevertheless, this is not always the case. According to WebMD, it is more likely the hue of the enzymes inside white blood cells, which your body sends to combat infections.

Also, if your immune system is working overtime, your mucus may be loaded with white blood cells, giving it a vivid green color, as reported by MedicineNet.

However, green mucus is not always indicative of an infection, as WebMD notes that you might have an ear or sinus infection with clear or white mucus.

More than seven days of green snot and a severe illness warrants a trip to the doctor, as this may indicate that your body needs antibiotics to combat the infection.

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