What Does Science Say About August Born People?

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August babies may have some traits unique to their birth month, according to science. What does a child's August birthdate suggest about their health?

Researchers hypothesized that children born in June, July, or August may derive health benefits from summer solar exposure.

Those born in the summer months were heavier at birth and grew to be taller as adults, according to a study including 450,000 people.

Women born in June, July, and August were also shown to have a slightly delayed onset of puberty, which has been related to greater health in later years.

In addition to being physically healthy, kids born in August may have a lower risk of developing some mental health conditions.

Those born in August or September had the lowest risk of having bipolar affective disorder (BAD), while those born in January had the greatest prevalence rates.

In addition, research indicates that infants born in August may be more likely to be diagnosed with and treated for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Finally, August babies are more likely to assume that luck is on their side. Nearly 30,000 people took part in an online poll and showed these results.

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