What Does Your Hair Dresser Expect From You?

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1) Know about your references

Find photographs of your type of hair. If you have fine, straight hair, don't bring a curly photo. You need a natural-texture reference.

2) Don't move your head

Your hair may be cut wrongly if you move your head too much while sitting in the chair. Only move when instructed to do so by your hairdresser.

3) Speak up

Rather than slouch in your chair, do something. Let us know what worries you, such as how you like your hair parted or if you don't like blow-drying it.

4) Don't be vague

Do not request that the hairstylist cut an inch off your entire head and then mention that if you want more, you will proceed from there.

5) Have realistic expectations

The fact that a buddy went from brunette to red in a single appointment does not automatically imply that you can as well. Each strand of hair is unique.

6) Don't be rude

Just because your stylist tried to sell you something, don't slam them. When it comes to hairdressers, they're simply doing their job.

7) Know your measurements

Make sure you know what 15 centimeters or six inches looks like. You may believe you want to cut that much, but you have no idea what it looks like.

8) Wear right clothes

If you cannot remove a hoodie or turtleneck, do not wear one. Both of them make it difficult for the stylist to trim and color your hair.

9) Know what you want

A client that is undecided is extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Ensure that you already know what you want, ideally before you sit in their chair.

10) Do clean your ears

Always clean your ears before your appointment. You do not want anyone near your waxy ears. And neither does the stylist want to see that!

11) Close your eyes

Washing with your eyes open is a recipe for disaster. If only the hairstylist knew who was peering straight up their nostrils while they worked!

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