What Effects Does Testosterone Have On Your Body?

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1) Ability to Build Muscles

Once testosterone is released throughout the body, it binds naturally to muscle cells, causing those cells to produce more protein.

2) It Affects Behavior

Testosterone affects energy, mood, and confidence. Although testosterone can cause behavior, it can also rise after specific activities.

3) Bone density

Testosterone increases bone density by stimulating bone marrow to create more red blood cells. Low testosterone can cause brittle, weak bones.

4) Libido

Sexual activity and testosterone have a reciprocal relationship, with testosterone influencing sexual performance but also influencing testosterone levels.

5) Hair growth

Testosterone causes hair to grow on the face, underarms, and genitals in puberty-age guys. As men age, their testosterone levels drop, causing head and body hair loss.

6) How you burn fat

Testosterone affects metabolism, and a good testosterone balance prevents the body from burning excessive or insufficient fat.

7) RBC Production

Higher testosterone levels induce more red blood cells. 60 60-year-old men were given testosterone or placebos and their iron metabolism and red blood cell counts were compared.

8) Skin conditions

The level of testosterone in the body determines how receptive the skin will be. Acne breakouts have been linked to elevated levels of testosterone.

9) Sleep patterns

High and low testosterone levels might affect sleep quality and duration. Regular, undisturbed sleep keeps testosterone levels healthy.

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