What Is 'Roaching' In Relationship?

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It is time to study "roaching." And, sure, AskMen created the word, which is drawn from cockroaches and their behavior.

The theory is based on, even if you see one cockroach, there are many you can't see. You may assume your partner just sleeps with you, but nope! You're roached.

Though you may have felt that you were in a monogamous relationship, the truth is that you weren't. True, but your spouse or significant other wasn't.

If the other person seems distant or uninterested in you, or if they are guarded about sharing personal information, you may be the target of a roach.

A roach avoids you when they can. They won't keep the phone connected to their car or turn off notifications, so you won't see them.

Finding out you've been roached might cause you to feel humiliated and degraded, and you may lose faith in your spouse.

However, if you and your roacher can agree on a relationship that works for both of you, there may be room for forgiveness and trust to be restored.

Relationships should evolve to incorporate more openness and disclosure and less hiding their phone in an inaccessible location.

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