What Makes Dogs Do Zoomies?

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Almost every dog owner is familiar with the zoomies—random spurts of activity that force your canine to spin in circles, leap over the sofa, or run off at the park.

The Official Term

Frenetic random activity periods, or FRAPs, are the technical term for the Zoomies, and they can reveal a great deal about your dog's emotions, including levels of dog anxiety.

Why It Happen?

According to the American Kennel Club, dog zoomies occur when dogs have surplus physical or nervous energy (such after being groomed).

1) They Are Excited

Dog zoomies are often produced by excitement and high-energy states. Puppies can have zoomies after a bath or when released from their crate.

Zoomies might be a taught behavior your dog picked up to delight you, especially if you hype them up while they jet around.

They Are Nervous

Dog zoomies could indicate discomfort. Your dog's zoomies after a stressful walk or trip to the vet could be anxiety-related.

Their facial muscles are rigid, their ears are back, and even when they wag their tail, they don't wag their full body.

How to Calm Them?

How can you quiet a hyperdog? If your dog regularly gets the zoomies, consult a vet or behavior analyst.

Once you identify the root of the problem, you can begin working on a solution, such as teaching the dog a more appropriate response.

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