What's The Right Frequency To Wash Your Hair?

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For healthy hair growth, a consistent hair washing routine is essential. The lack of a consistent hair washing routine can cause dryness, tangles, and eventually hair loss.

Hair washing isn't one-size-fits-all. Our hair isn't alike and requires unique care. Trial-and-error and research can help you find what works.

Shampooing Hair

Shampooing can cause mechanical damage and color fading, while not washing often enough can produce to scalp irritation from oxidized oils.

To Daily Wash Hair?

But, daily washing can cause dryness and breakage, but not hair loss. While some hair types should skip a daily wash, oily hair should wash daily.

What if Not Wash For Too Long?

If you wait too long between shampoos, you may end up with a blocked scalp, which prevents hair from growing out of the follicle the way.

Average Frequency

If your hair isn't greasy or dry, wash it every 2-3 days. Too often shampooing can damage hair and shampoo components could make hair dry.

Right Frequency For Oily Hair

Generally, you should wash your hair every day to prevent buildup, unless you have really long, coarse, or curly hair.

Right Frequency For Dry Hair

Shampooing every five to seven days, as certain natural oils may need to enter the mix until that time.

Right Frequency For Curly Hair

Every four to five days, shampoo your hair. The density of the hair will determine the length, however this is a decent estimate for this hair type.

Right Frequency For Thin Hair

Fine hair may need to be shampooed every other day to maintain the moisture it requires to thrive and grow.

Right Frequency For Thick Hair

Because of how well thicker fabrics retain moisture, once-weekly washes are usually sufficient for them.

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