When Is the Most Suitable Time to Buy a Car?

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By timing your purchase, you can save big—especially if you're not finicky about colors and add-ons. When should you buy, with year-end and holiday deals everywhere?

Best month to buy a car!

According to Consumer Reports experts, the ideal time to buy a car is usually between October and December.

In the months leading up to the new model year, dealerships are more likely to discount outgoing models since they need to clear out the old ones.

Best time of year!

In order to get the best deal on an automobile, shop during the winter months when the competition is lower.

It's easier for a dealer to offer a discount on a certain vehicle if they know you're serious about buying and you're the only buyer they've seen that day due to inclement weather.

Best day to buy a car!

According to a 2020 study by TrueCar, car purchasers may benefit from visiting the dealership on Sundays, when they can save an average of 10 percent off MSRP.

The survey indicated that Tuesday is the second-best day to purchase a vehicle. And by all means, avoid shopping on Thursdays.

Best holiday to buy a car!

During extended holiday weekends, several car dealerships offer special financing rates, zero-percent loans, and cash-back packages to consumers.

According to a recent survey by iSeeCars, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day alone, car purchasers received roughly 40 percent more deals than typical.

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