Whether To Tip for Takeout Orders or Not?

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When you dine in a restaurant, the guidelines for how much and how you should tip are typically relatively standard.

However, the regulations for tipping while picking up takeout are not as cut and dried, regardless of whether you order ahead or at the restaurant.

Actually, the cashier also shops. So, picking up to-go orders without tips hurts them too. If possible, we should all tip.

In a counter service establishment, everyone, from the cooks to the hosts, puts in time and effort and should be recognized for it.

Although 20% is generally considered appropriate for a sit-down meal, the tipping expectation for takeaway has not always been as transparent.

A worker for a restaurant chain said, "We leave the decision to tip on takeaway up to the guest and we find 15 to 20% gratuity is frequently provided."

She continued, "While tipping on takeout is not necessary, it lets us know that we are valued and our hard work is acknowledged and appreciated."

The staff believes that it is always up to the consumer, but 15% is a safe percentage to demonstrate your appreciation for the service.

So, when it comes to tipping for takeout, there is no such thing as doing it correctly or incorrectly.

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