Which Are Greediest Zodiac Signs?

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6) Capricorn

Capricorns feel insecure frequently. They get preoccupied with being the best, and when they fail, they are disappointed. To combat this, they exert incessant effort.

Insecure, they're quite ambitious, especially in the boardroom. They're ferocious in their pursuit of achievement and regularly ascend the corporate ladder.

5) Scorpio

Scorpios that are intense do not want to share. They are always concerned with their bottom line and reluctant to part with their hard-earned money.

This cryptic sign also deserves your undivided attention. They are extremely envious and expect the undivided attention of their loved ones.

4) Pisces

Some believe Pisces are greedy because they want to retain everything for themselves, but they just know its value. 

Pisces may take time to trust you enough to share who they're dating or their actual feelings. While not materialistic, they're predatory with their personal lives.

3) Taurus

This sign appreciates beauty. Taurus are materialistic and always want more goods. Because people want more, they save for better products.

If you join Taurus for dinner, be prepared to open your wallet. Taureans enjoy luxury but dislike paying for it.

2) Virgo

This hypercritical sign doesn't share and is always wanting to save, so they'll consider over a significant buy for hours or days. 

Virgos just care about their own lavish lifestyle. They're generally seen as calculating, caring only about themselves in their drive for the lives.

1) Leo

As kings of the jungle, they'll do everything to get all the attention. Leos are greedy if not showered with love.

These ambitious, status-obsessed people need attention. They "flaunt affluence often." Leos are showy dressers and homebuyers. 

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