Zodiac Signs Which are Least Thoughtful!

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6) Sagittarius

Sagittarians don't think before acting. Playful Sagittarians are friendly, jovial, outgoing, and optimistic, but can be introverted. 

 These free spirits "speak before thinking and can be uncaring and thoughtless." This fire sign has trouble trusting, which makes them independent and self-obsessed.

5) Leo

Often, these party animals only care about being the center of attention. Leos have "a big, strong ego that doesn't appreciate or allow others' input."

The fact that they are "known to be immature and throw temper tantrums" does not help, so they will "turn to spiteful actions" in order to avoid losing without a fight.

4) Gemini

Geminis enjoy entertaining others with amusing tales of their wild activities, but they may neglect their friends and significant others in an effort to charm a crowd.

These social butterflies are "a bit off in the clouds" and appreciate "having their own wants satisfied."

3) Capricorn

Capricorns are driven by a desire to excel professionally, and they prioritize this goal above anything else. Capricorn is a hard-working and dedicated racer that only plays to win.

Due to their preference for self-improvement over helping others, these people may look cold or uncharitable.

2) Scorpio

This self-absorbed water sign loves a scandal. They're too busy maintaining their secret to worry about others.

This fiery zodiac sign harbors resentment and resents being betrayed, therefore they tend to be suspicious and self-centered by nature.

1) Aries

With their strong and outspoken character, Aries can be highly foolish in their actions because of their tendency to overreact.

They rarely quit and can use underhanded tactics if necessary. Arrogant and impetuous, Aries appear self-centered.

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