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What happens if you put sugar in a gas tank?

    What happens if you put sugar in a gas tank

    You’ve probably heard about this myth, pouring sugar into a vehicle’s gas tank will lead to the vehicle’s engine becoming disabled. Some even say that pouring sugar into the gas tank will lead to a car blast. But sugar can really do this much damage? And actually, what happens if you put sugar in a gas tank?

    The truth is that adding sugar to the gas tank of a vehicle will not render it inoperable. Instead, the sugar will sink to the bottom of the gas tank since sugar is heavier than gasoline. The worst effect will be a reduction in the amount of gasoline you can put in your gas tank. In addition, your vehicle has a fuel filter. This does exactly what it says: it filters out any debris or impurities that may have found their way into your gas tank. 

    So you will definitely need to clear out that sugar in time, but it will not cause severe damage to the engine & car. Let’s get to know more about this topic.

    What happens if you put sugar in a gas tank?

    If sugar was dumped into a gas tank, the sugar crystals would fall to the bottom exactly as sand would. A vehicle’s fuel filters will remove these sugar particles if they reach further. Additionally, it will prevent nearly all of them from entering the rest of the fuel system.

    However, the filter can partially resist sugar particle adhesion. Eventually, all of the sugary substances floating in the gas tank would likely clog the fuel filter.

    Depending on how much sugar is poured into a gas tank and where it collects, it can even block the fuel pump and injectors. The sticky lump of sugar will restrict the fuel flow wherever it ends up, causing your engine to stall and not start again.

    So, if sugar is poured in small quantities, the car filters can take care of it. But if the sugar is poured aggressively, then the gas supply will disrupt, the fuel pump & injector will be clogged, and in the end, it will result in the engine not working. 

    Additionally, repairs might be costly, particularly if sugar enters the carburettor or fuel injectors. In addition, you must have your gasoline tank drained and cleaned and your fuel lines flushed or replaced.

    How would you know if someone put sugar in your gas tank?

    If you have not experimented with pouring sugar into your gas tank, then it can be difficult to know if it is in your gas tank. But even if someone has put a small amount of sugar in your car’s fuel tank, then certain indications could point fingers at sugar in your gas tank. Let’s have a look at them:

    • Poor Performance: The performance of your vehicle may not be what it used to be. Sugar could be clogging up the gasoline lines or the filter, causing this. As a result, the combustion process is hindered because of the lack of fuel.
    • Less Fuel Space in Tank: When you go to the filling station to fill your tank, you discover that it takes much less gas. This could be due to the presence of sugar in the system.
    • Bad Fuel Economy: Sugar in the fuel line or filter reduces engine fuel flow. Your engine needs enough fuel to run properly. Insufficient gasoline will force your engine to work harder, wasting fuel.
    • Stalling Engine: If you notice a decrease in performance, such as the one described above, and it continues to worsen, your engine will begin to stall.
    • Car Not Starting: Your engine will not start ultimately if your filter or gasoline delivery lines are fully clogged.

    What to do if someone puts sugar in your gas tank?

    If you have come to know about sugar in your gas tank, then it is best to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. If the quantity of sugar is small, then you should get the filter replaced; however, if you think the quantity is high, then here are the things you can do:

    • Clean the gas tank: The best way to get sugar out of your gas tank is to clean it out from the underside of your car. Most individuals would rather have a mechanic remove their gasoline tank than do it themselves.
    • Replace the Fuel Filter: Replacing your gasoline filter will help prevent sugar from getting into your engine. Depending on your gasoline filter, you may need to change it when your fuel tank is dropped to remove sugar.
    • Clean the Fuel Injectors: After replacing your fuel filter and draining your fuel tank to remove any remaining sugar, run a fuel injector cleaner through your fuel system to clean it.
    • Replace Fuel Pump: Sugar in your gas tank can jam up an old or failing fuel pump, causing it to stop working completely. No fuel can be pumped to your engine if your fuel pump stops operating completely, preventing the engine from starting. So get it replaced.

    Is putting sugar in a gas tank a felony?

    No, it does not come under felony, but it falls under ‘criminal mischief.’ It’s considered “criminal mischief” because there’s no other purpose to do it except to harm someone. It may be considered an attempt to defraud if it involves a warranty issue or some other type of issue.

    A judge would impose the highest penalty for such an offense and demand compensation for the repair costs and any additional damages incurred due to the vehicle being out of service for so long.

    Bottom Line

    This was all about what happens if you put sugar in a gas tank. Never ever try to experiment with your car, and even if you hold a grudge against anyone, don’t do this to their car too. However, if you find your car stalling and causing issues, then check for sugar in the gas tank and get it removed as soon as possible. 

    We hope this article was helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!

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