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Why does my car shake when I turn on AC?

    Why does my car shake when I turn on AC

    It is almost impossible that we will not turn the AC when using the car. But sometimes turning the AC on results in-car shaking. We may not notice this as much of an issue, but it needs your attention right away. Most people believe that this only occurs when there is a problem with the compressor in the air conditioner. However, a variety of factors could account for this and need to be dealt with. So, why does my car shake when I turn on AC? 

    The most common reason is damaged AC compressors, but apart from this load on the engine, defective fuel injector, engine mounting problem, bad throttle position sensor, damaged spark plugs, loose hoses and dirty throttle body can result in the car shaking when AC is turned on. So you really need to get the car checked as soon as possible and not overlook the problem. 

    Let’s get to know more about the issue of car shaking when AC is turned on.

    How does a Car AC work?

    All new automobiles come standard with air conditioning. There are two purposes for the AC. One is to increase the pressure of the refrigerant. The refrigerant must be hotter than the surrounding environment for heat transfer to occur.

    The second job is to make the evaporator have low pressure. This makes it possible for the refrigerant to turn into a gas and absorb heat from the vehicle’s cab. Additionally, it circulates the compressor oil and refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system.

    Is it normal for a car to shake when ac is on?

    No, it is definitely not normal for your car to shake. You may think of it as an issue in AC compressors, but the problem can be from the engine or other engine parts. So it is essential to look for the cause and then get it treated as soon as possible as the problem can be aggravated. 

    Why does my car shake when I turn on AC?

    The shaking of a car, while the air conditioner is on is an occurrence that can occur anywhere. If your vehicle’s AC compressor and motor mounts are not functioning properly, turning on the air conditioning may cause the engine to tremble or rattle.

    This can happen due to various reasons. Let’s get to know about those reasons:

    1)Faulty or Damaged AC Compressor

    The engine may shake if the AC compressor is defective. You can’t use your AC properly if the compressor is broken. The compressor lowers the refrigerant temperature before it is supplied to the condenser.

    A malfunctioning air conditioning compressor can strain your car’s engine and eventually cause the vehicle to shake when the air conditioner is running.

    To identify this, speed the vehicle while the air conditioner is on. If you observe a variation in the pick, you must replace the AC.

    2) Load on Engine

    When you turn on the air conditioner, the engine activates components such as the idle speed and air control motor. Due to the high-tech insulation, forced induction (compressor) systems place additional strain on engines and might produce vibration when the load exceeds a particular threshold.

    If the load continues to increase, various engine components may deteriorate with time. However, other causes may include a malfunctioning cooling fan or an obstruction in the air conditioning system. Take your vehicle to the local mechanic immediately.

    3) Loose Engine Mounting

    The engine mountings secure the engine and suspension in place. The mounts hold the engine and transmission at the correct suspension angle. When you turn the Ac, the mounts undergo considerable strain.

    When the engine mounts or foundations deteriorate, you will experience vibrations and tremors when the air conditioning is on.

    Vibrations and noises will increase if the engine mount is damaged. Because of this, if you notice vibrations in your vehicle, contact a mechanic to see if the mounts need to be replaced.

    4) Defective Fuel Injector

    The fuel injector is an essential component of your vehicle’s engine. Utilizing electronically controlled valves that may open and close numerous times per second, their purpose is to spray and regulate the flow of gasoline.

    A defective fuel injector might place an additional load on your engine, resulting in trembling when the air conditioner is on.

    5) Faulty Spark Plugs

    A worn-out or damaged spark plug is another potential cause of shaky air conditioning. This is due to a lack of connection during the initial creation of power. Even a single corroded or broken spark plug could cause this. Unless the plugs are replaced quickly, they could cause further damage.

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    6) Bad throttle position sensor

    A throttle position sensor monitors an engine’s air intake. The throttle position sensor measures how far the gas pedal has been pressed to decide how far the throttle blade (or valve) can open.

    A defective TPS will be unable to manage your vehicle’s RPMs, and as a result, the RPMs fluctuate when the air conditioner is turned on. This can make your vehicle shake.

    7) Loose Hoses

    Your car’s air conditioning system will disrupt if the hose is slack or detached. When the AC is working harder than usual due to weather changes, you may notice some tremors and rattles in the vehicle. A loose or disconnected hose can produce engine vibrations in rare instances.

    8) Dirty Throttle Body

    The throttle body regulates the airflow system in your automobile’s engine. The throttle body is located between the car’s air filter and the engine’s intake manifold. Unlike the throttle body, which is an air-passing component that can quickly become soiled, car engines cannot receive airflow.

    When the aircon is turned on, your car will shake if the engine can’t get enough ventilation. The unclean throttle body may be cleaned, and the shaky automobile can be fixed when the AC is on.

    How to fix car shakes when AC is on?

    In order to fix a car that trembles when the AC is turned on, you must first determine what is causing the trembling. Depending on the cause of the problem, there are a variety of options for resolving it. However, the most common cause of shaky AC is a dirty throttle body. You should follow these instructions if this is the case:

    • Open the hood of your car.
    • Carefully inspect the throttle body.
    • Ask a friend to turn on the car’s ignition. The engine should not be started.
    • Ask the performer who is helping you to increase the speed gradually.
    • Clean the throttle body with a squirt of throttle body cleaner.
    • Utilize the cloth to clean the throttle body carefully.

    If a filthy throttle body was the reason, then the problem would be resolved. In certain instances, this issue is caused by a defective AC compressor. You will need to change and replace the air conditioning compressor in this situation. So you should get professional help in that case and even in other cases. 

    Bottom Line

    So now you definitely know why does my car shake when I turn on AC. Many people make the error of hoping that the problem will go away on its own, but it will not. If you are going through this issue, resolve it as soon as possible, as car shaking can get more intense. 

    Always ensure that the air conditioning system in your vehicle is operating properly and is not affecting the vehicle’s performance.

    We hope this article was helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!

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